Politician’s fingerprint ‘cloned from photos’ by hacker

A member of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) hacker network claims to have cloned a thumbprint of a German politician by using commercial software and images taken at a news conference. Jan Krissler says he replicated the fingerprint of defence minister Ursula von der Leyen using pictures taken with a “standard photo camera”. Mr Krissler had no physical print from Ms von der Leyen.

Fingerprint biometrics are already considered insecure, experts say.

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One thought on “Politician’s fingerprint ‘cloned from photos’ by hacker

  1. Alastair Shakeshaft

    It’s no surprise that static credentials, such as a fingerprint, can be captured and used to potentially gain unauthorised access to systems and data. We have already seen the ‘gummy bear’ attack on some biometric fingerprint devices and now we have seen the potential for capturing a person’s fingerprint from a photograph. Biometrics such as fingerprint do have a place in providing good security controls, however, like everything in security and identity technologies, it’s about other aspects such as threats, requirements, people and process, not just the glamorous looking technology. Organisations should think very carefully in the way of their requirements and how fingerprint biometrics should be used to authenticate a user to a system.

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